Vertex EVX-S24 Digital

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Vertex VX-351-446 Two Way Radio

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The EVX-S24 is Vertex Standard’s newest radio with precision, feature-rich engineering and a compact design. It delivers value, quality and uniqueness to the market and comes in a choice of colour; either black or yellow.

The radio operates in both analogue and digital modes and can be used with any existing analogue two-way radio system. This makes it perfect in assisting the transition from analogue to digital. The portables can operate in direct mode enabling two communication paths without the need for a repeater.

With its rich portfolio of features, the EVX-S24 is well suited across the market place, particularly in fields such as Education, Retail and Hospitality.


• Compact and Discreet – Vertex’s smallest and lightest radio
• Dimensions (H x W x D): 3.58 x 2.17 x 1.24 inches
• Weight: 215g with belt clip
• Comes in Black or Yellow casing
• Battery Life: Estimated at 12 hrs (digital) 10 hrs (analogue)
• 8 character alphabetic display, 4 programmable buttons
• Dual mode of operation – analogue and digital, perfect for migration
• Direct Mode of operation enables 2 communication paths on a single frequency without the need of a repeater
• Transmit Interrupt
• Site Search both manually and automatically, great for operations in multiple locations or on multiple floors
• Fully Water Submersible up to 1 meter with IP67 and dust proof
• Emergency Alert
• Battery status indicator & auto power off to reserve battery
• Low Power & Whisper mode
• Time out Timer & Key Lock
• Lone Worker Alert
• Escalating Alerts

Analogue Mode Features

• Auto Range Transponding
• System (ARTS™)

Digital Mode Features

• All, Group and Private Call
• Basic and Enhanced Privacy
• Radio Check
• Remote Monitor (Decode)
• CALL Alert
• Text Message
• Call History
• Simplex Only and Repeater
• Capable Encryption
• Direct Mode
• Emergency
• Radio Enable / Disable [Decode]
• Scan (Mixed Mode - Analogue/Digital Channels)
• Transmit Interrupt (Decode Only)
• Scan (Operator Selectable On/Off )
• Site Search

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